Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was at a Seafood restaurant and this wench fucked up my order. I asked for a hamburger, and she kept on saying in this obnoxious voice, "but Sir, for the TWENTIETH TIME, we don't HAVE that on the menu!" See that exclamation point? That got me mad. She raised her voice at me.

She must have gotten really turned on from my constant demands of a hamburger. I mean, she was huffing and puffing and her face got red. I felt sorry for her though. She was just a lowly 9/10, I only go for 11's.

ANYWAYS, I just told the plebeian to get me some fries and she did! So I waited for about ten minutes which is a pretty long time for some fries. Well, she came back after an eternity and served me my fries. I took a bite and was immediately disgusted. They were fish fries! The idiot gave me FISH fries, not potato.

That really pissed me off though. I stood up and furiously shouted "GIRL! GIRL!" She dragged her lazy ass to my presence while rolling her eyes. Can you believe the nerve of some people? Well, this is how our exchange of words went:

Plebe: What is it this time sir?

Me: What the HELL DO YOU MEAN, "What is it this time sir?" ? These are damn fish fries! I was expecting potato fries.

Plebe: Sir, this is a seafood restaurant. You are causing quite the disturbance, so if you don't calm down, you will need to leave.

Me: This is blasphemy! Let me talk to your manager.

Plebe: Be my guest (Who the FUCK says that anymore? She's so dumb.)

So her fat-ass manager waddled to me and talked to me. I discussed my situation and demanded my money, or I would sue them. After hearing that word, the manager immediately refunded me. Ha! What fools!

After that fiasco, I returned home and pet my cat. Her name is John.


  1. I have a cat too. His name is Mary

  2. Nice cant wait for more posts in the future
    cya mate

  3. did you ever think they don't serve hamburgers because the manager eats them all himself?

  4. I actually laughed pretty at this, keep up the work mate.